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Aurora Activity & Weather forecast

In 2006 I begin to run Northern lights tours, in Tromsø, Northern Norway, so this season is my 10th out on the road for find clear

sky for give my guests the best conditions for a good view to our dancing lady Aurora.

You should join a guide who will bring you to where the best weather conditions are, in your chase for the magical Aurora Borealis.

Sometimes we will have to drive east of the Lyngen alps, and if we have to stay out on the trail an hour more because of that,
I won't charge you extra for it. What is most important to me is that you as a guest shall have the absolutely best possibility to
experience what you have come here for; to see the dance of Aurora on the nightern skies.

Finding rate season 2014/15; 
95% for clear sky and Northern lights! Please check out the facts on my Aurora blog >> 

Warm suits and thermo boots are included on GuideGunnar`s tours - so why do you want to stay cold and freeze..?

Links for Weather and Aurora facts!