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Booking & Payment info

Payment for Day & Night Tours:

Payment of GuideGunnar`s Day & Night tours has to be done on the online booking on GuideGunnar`s web page.
When you do a booking online, you`ll get an email, where you`ll find a payment link. Please pay with your Credit Card!

Payment for Packages Tours:

Conditions of payment 25% of the total price is to be paid at the time of booking to GuideGunnar`s bank account. The rest is to be paid at the latest 30 days before the date when the tour commences. If booking take place less than 30 days before this date, the whole price shall be paid by the time of booking.

Please mark your Bank transfer with the same name who book the tour! Plus Tour name and tour date.

  • Account name: Gunnar Hildonen
  • Norwegian Bank Account Number: 2601.16.72654
  • Bank address: Skagerrak Sparebank, Postboks 24, 3995 Stathelle, Norway
  • IBAN: NO7926011672654 SWIFT/BIC: DNBANOKK
  • Post Mail address: GuideGunnar, Att: Gunnar Hildonen, Langsundveien 1997, N-9130 Hansnes, Arctic Norway

Cancellation rules for Package Tours:
The tour have to be cancelled at least 30 days before the first tour date!


Cancealltion and refunding rules for Day & Night tours:
Cancellation of the tour 30 days before the tour date, gives you 100% refund
Cancellation of the tour 21-29 days before the tour date, gives you 75% refund
Cancellation of the tour 14-20 days before the tour date, gives you 50% refund
Cancellation of the tour 7-13 days before the tour date, gives you 25% refund.

Cancellation later than 7 days, the entire amount will go to GuideGunnar, due to lost income and administration cost.

All cancellation; minus the cost of bank transfer fees!

If GuideGunnar cancels the tour, due to poor weather, difficult driving conditions, illness or other causes which prevents GuideGunnar from arranging the tour, the entire amount will be refunded, minus the cost of bank transfers fees.


In such cases, cancellation of the tour may happen shortly before departure. It is therefore important that clients supply GuideGunnar with their contact information, such as mobile (cell) phone number, and name and address to their accommodation.

Discount on GuideGunnar`s Aurora Chases for 1 - 8 guests:

Northern Lights ChaseSavers

Book 2 Chase dates and SAVE NOK35

Book 3 Chase dates and SAVE NOK500

Book 4 Chase dates and SAVE NOK750


Single Facebook bookings earn 5%.

Please check https://www.facebook.com/NorthernLightsGuide/


Group booking 9 - 14 guests will get 10% discount!


Return guest discount

  • If you are joining my tours within 3 years, you will get a 20% discount as returning guest..;)
  • GuideGunnar`s regular guests, will get an discount on 40%, while theirs family and friends get 10% discount.


Camp Aurora

Photo: Roy Gardner, Farnham, UK (Camp Aurora - GuideGunnar`s Theatre of Food, from 2006 - 2012)