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What do you need for your vacation in Northern Norway ?

A place to stay, food every day, some cool activities and see lady Aurora dance for you … 
And a localknowledge guide who caqn plan everything for you; Join GuideGunnar`s Arctic Excursions; 

What`s the best time for the Northern Lights ?

It´s a natural phenomena, so nobody can tell which night who will be the best... so, it´s a question of little gambling and good luck... everything depends what happen on the sun, how the magnetic poles are placed, and how the weather are, and if we can find clear sky that night(s) you choose to do your chase... What`s the best time for you..? What do you like to See & Explore beside the Northern Lights..? This it`s two more important questions you should figure out before you arrive... And, please read all in this email, and the links, and you`ll get a picture of what time is the best, and how long time you should stay, for increase your chances for a good one... 

Are you sure you want to travel to the Arctic during the Polar Nights period from November to January, when the sun don´t rise above the horizon, it`s only 3 hours daylight, and when the temperatures can drop down very low..? If you want a warmer Aurora Chase, choose September, or choose February, March or April for the Ice Fishing. And, if you`re planning to bring your kids to this freezing cold environment, then you`ve to know what you are doing, and how you can keep them warm, and then I am talking about more than right clothing... Please check how you can dress warm and check also what`s included on my tour, re: clothing >>

Facts about the Northern lights

So, what time would be the best if you want to view the splendour of Aurora Borealis, you may ask? 
It is actually impossible to tell, since the Sun is the boss here, but the Aurora season is mainly between September and April. 
We recommend that you should stay at least 5 nights in Tromsø or Northern Norway for your chase. Not necessary on a guided tour every night, but you should be outdoor, where the sky is clear, every night between 6 pm and 1 am for increase your chances to get the great one.

Are you worry about the Full Moon...



... during your Aurora chase, then I have to tell you this:

- The moon has noting with the Northern lights to do, but of course, if the Aurora activity is low, then it can be less visible.
- The moon help you to see the landscape around you - with no moon it`s pitch black out there!
- It`s easier to take Aurora pictures with a moon on the sky.
- And of some strange reason, the moon gives more colors into the Northern lights…

What do you like and what`s your need ?


Some people says, or they have read on internet, that October and March are the best months for the Northern lights. How can they say that..? I am sorry to tell, but nobody can tell which month who are best, so you just have to be out there and do your chase and hope for the best. Little good luck is also good to have…
The activity of the Northern Lights are coming from the sun, and as you know, if it`s no more activity on the sun, then we will die on this planet, so there will always be NL to watch... What we need it`s clear sky and darkness… and the moon, new or full, it`s no matter if the NL activity are great!
So, which months should you come for your chase..? That`s actually more up to you, about what you like and what do you need… During the summer we have 24 hours daylight, and Midnight Sun between May and July, so then we can`t see anything of Aurora`s dance.Since we need darkness, and that we have between mid-August to mid-April.
If you like to have some snowy activities, you have to come after New Year, since the best snowy winter are from January to April. Actually we can ski in May and June too, some years… And sometimes we have good snowy winter in October - December too…
If you like to have warmer weather during your chase you should try September. And for the Polar Nights period, you have to come between mid-November to mid-January, when the sun are under the horizon… but this is also the coldest time… October and November can be quite wet, and December and January are normally the coldest months. In November and December we have the largest meteorite show, so…
If you like to join some Festivals, then we have The half Polar marathon, The International Film Festival and The Northern lights Festival (classic music) in January, and The Winter festival & the Sami Week, with reindeer race in the main street, in February…

You may want to check out the following links to learn more

September as the most beautiful month of the Northern Lights? Please check out the facts >>


GuideGunnar`s 14 seasts minibus


It`s space for 14 guests, and that`s the numbers of guests of the Fjords View and Aurora tours.
I have spend some extra money for make the comfort better, and with 2x TV I am running several movies during the drive.
Please find more info on >>

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Welcome to Tromsø, Ringvassøya and Arctic Norway!
Kind regards, Gunnar Hildonen.