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Insurance, responsibility and cancellation



GuideGunnar`s vision is to show those who arrive Tromsø and the Arctic Norway, the beautiful nature and the maritime environment. I will see to that they will go home, bringing something special with them. To succeed with this, we have chosen to work with quality before quantity, which again keeps us from organizing tours with too large groups. The foundation of this increment of quality, is the co-operation between several firms.


The benefit will be that the clients will get more out of the trip and the experience of the nature itself, while they also more easily will get in contact with the other guests. We who work with this, will also have more time for each individual guest. GuideGunnar`s aim is that our guests to Tromsø, will see the experience of the nature as the main ingredient of the total experience. In connection with our tours, we also combine a good experience of meals, in the shape of what we call a little «Theatre of Food».


In order to take care of the security of the tours, be it winter or summer, we have chosen the safe side, by following the model 1:8, among other things. That is, when the number of guests on each outdoor activity will be more than 8 persons, there will be a second guide following. In those of our events when we will be out in the nature, skiing, snowshoeing or hiking, we have set an upper limit of 12 persons participating. 


All of our guides have a passion for outdoor life, with a wide experience of outdoors activities and the wild. It is necessary that they all have up to date knowledge of first aid and that they are able to handle various situations in different weather conditions. The guides will always bring with them the necessary security equipment.


Theirs is also the responsibility to see to that everyone in the group is sufficiently equipped and is in condition to participate in the events. If it is the opinion of the guide that someone is not fit to follow on a specific trip, it is the guide's full responsibility to deny this person to participate.


GuideGunnar is insured through Gjensidige Nor. The insurance covers injuries and damages to persons and objects.


Insurance and responsibility
GuideGunnar is actively working to secure that the tour will be carried through in the safest way possible, but the organizer cannot secure every single step the individual participant will take.  It is therefore essential that each participant is covered by an insurance policyParents and other superiors who guarantee for children, have to make sure that everyone in their company is in adequate physical shape to participate in the chosen programme. Each participant is obliged to follow the guide's instructions according to the programme.




NEWS from 2020/21 Aurora season!
Cancellation of Day- and Night tours;
10 days before the tour date, gives you 100% refund
, minus the cost of bank transfer fees. 
5 days before the tour date, gives you 50% refund, minus the cost of bank transfer fees.
Less than 5 days before the tour date, the entire amount will go to GuideGunnar, due to lost income and administration cost.

If GuideGunnar cancels the tour, due to poor weather, difficult driving conditions, illness or other causes which prevents GuideGunnar from arranging the tour, the entire amount will be refunded, minus the cost of bank transfers fees.


In such cases, cancellation of the tour may happen shortly before departure. It is therefore important that clients supply GuideGunnar with their contact information, such as mobile (cell) phone number, and name and address to their accommodation.

Rules for Package Tours
Cancellation for the tour have to be done latest 30 days before the first tour date!