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GuideGunnar's Equinox Aurora

These are the nights where the lights are dancing across the richly blue coloured skies with an added warm glow of the sun in south-west horizon.


Guided Aurora Chase into the Arctic wilderness 

This is GuideGunnar's 14th Aurora season with a Chase Experience count of over 1500 nights!
Professional Guide since 1997 and still counting...


Equinox Aurora

Most of us think of the Northern Lights to be in the middle of the darkest and coldest winter months but did you know, GuideGunnar’s season of chasing Lady Aurora extends into the spring and autumn months of March/April and September. GuideGunnar calls this his Equinox Aurora tour, and they are his favourite chase months.

What is Equinox?

Equinox literally translates to equal night, and refers to that very specific point of time when the sun and earth are so positioned that our day and night are of equal duration; 12 hours day, 12 hours night.
In the northern hemisphere, this marks the beginning of spring in March and the beginning of Autumn in September.

In 2019, the Spring Equinox falls on March 20th, at 21:58UT. The Autumn Equinox falls on September 23rd, at 07:50 UT, where UT refers to Universial Time, or Greenwhich Mean Time.

Why is it such a special beauty to chase the Northern lights in the Equinox periods?

There are many reasons why Equinox Aurora is GuideGunnar’s favourite Chase period.
One of Equinox Aurora special beauty is the colours. These are the nights where the lights are dancing across the richly blue coloured skies with an added warm glow of the sun in southern horizon. The September Equinox Aurora has an added beauty with the landscape decorated with the trees’ autumn colours of red and orange. And by the first snow fall, the Alpine peaks will be coloured white. The northern lights has more colours at Equinox.

Many global guests tell GuideGunnar they find the thought of the Polar night’s dark and freezing temperatures rather daunting. “We’d love to see the norhthern lights but I cannot stand the cold!”
GuideGunnar highly recommends Equinox Aurora also to those who don´t like the freezing cold temperatures and are not looking for snow activities. It’s also an easier and shorter duration tour than the Polar night period Aurora Chase.

Equinox Aurora comes with an added bonus: Fewer companies run their tours in the Equinox periods of late March/April and September. With GuideGunnar’s Equinox Aurora we often travel by ourselves for a better experience of silence, compared to the busy and sometimes crowded Polar night season.

–  When lady Aurora begins her dance into this setting of Equinox Aurora, you`ll be very happy in your mind!

Equinox Aurora is also a good tour for our ChaseSavers as you can join for only NOK 950, with Arctic proof warm boots, thermo suit and camera tripod as add ons options.

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Please read tour details before proceeding to online bookings below.


Tour keys

Price NOK 950 / guest
Pickup point Guides Central, Street: Sjøgata 29 (level 1) Tromsø, see Google maps. Meet & greet, bathroom.
Start time 19.30 / 7.30 pm (All September + March 15th - April 10th)
Duration 5 - 7 hours
Number of guests 1 - 14 guests


NO discounts available! NO commission for tour operator!


GuideGunnar's Equinox Aurora includes

  • Pick up from Guides Central,  level 1, Sjøgata 29 Tromsø.
  • GuideGunnar's guide service.
  • Catering snacks served around the camp fire: Skattøra Lefse; Arctic Norway's traditional and locally made pastry with cream and sweet goat cheese. Served with hot black currant jus.
  • If we catch a good one, I share GuideGunnar Aurora Chase photographs from your Aurora night with you.
  • A Google Map directions link, showing your Aurora Chase tour route.
  • Return transport to your accommodation, in the city.
  • GuideGunnar's tours run in a high quality, warm and spacious 14 seater mini bus with on screen introductions to Aurora Borealis en route to the lights.


Equinox Aurora add-ons

  • Arctic proof warm boots (NOK 100)
  • Thermo suit (NOK 100).
  • Tripod for your camera (NOK 100)



Aurora Chase tour options with GuideGunnar

GuideGunnar offers four Aurora Chase tour options this season. Please read on should you not find available dates for Equinox Aurora. GuideGunnar's online booking system will list all Northern lights tour options.

GuideGunnar's Aurora Chase

GuideGunnar's Aurora Chase runs throughout the winter. Into the winter months, the chase is extended and can run up to ten hours.

GuideGunnar`s Aurora Chase >> (Runs October 4th, 2019 to March 14th, 2020)

GuideGunnar's Aurora Chase Dinner

In the Aurora Chase Dinner tour you will be served a camp fire meal by GuideGunnar during the chase for only an extra NOK 350 per guest. To bookings for GuideGunnar`s Aurora Chase Dinner >>

GuideGunnar's Private Aurora Chase

GuideGunnar's tours can be booked as a private tour upon request. For details, see Private Aurora Chase tour page and email Gunnar on info@guide-gunnar.no with your preferred dates.


Good comfort transport

GuideGunnar's tours run in a high quality, warm and spacious 14 seater mini bus with on screen introductions to Aurora en route to the lights. Please check the pictures of the minibus I am using for my tours >>


Please bring your passport (or other ID for EU citizens) for GuideGunnar's Aurora Chase, as weather conditions might see us chase the lights across the border into Finland.

Why freeze, when you can stay warm!

Get an better Aurora Chase experience by follow GuideGunnar`s advice of how to keep warm!

Please check out GuideGunnar's Clothing and Gear for the Arctic Environment page  for more information of how you should dress and prepare yourself before you arrive Tromsø.


While GuideGunnar's Aurora Chase is a wilderness tour with bathroom facilities that of nature's own, there might be bathroom facilities en route on the Aurora Chase. Please don't hesitate to ask. Need to go before we go? Guides Central has rest room facilities.


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