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Norwegian Travel Workshop 2018

GuideGunnar's Arctic Excursions

GuideGunnar is open for business. The internationally renowned guide is looking for the best available products from people sharing his values of cooperation, openness and respect for nature, to help increase knowledge of Northern Norway.


From Guides Central, the Tromsø base he established in 2016 as a hub for fellow independent tour guides and a casual drop-in spot for visitors, GuideGunnar runs Aurora chases, ice fishing, snowshoe, cross country skiing and a theatre of food tours.


A ski instructor and accredited mountain guide, GuideGunnar is now expanding his 20 years of innovation and success at instilling a passion for his destinations in visitors from 87 nations. And so he seeks new partners outside Tromsø, from Lofoten to Kirkenes, especially those with accommodation, high quality restaurants and the capacity for several products in one place, such as king crabs, dog sledding, snow mobiles and more.


GuideGunnar’s esteem was celebrated recently in a documentary series Chasing the Northern Lights, a ten-part program on activity providers in Northern Norway.


Seeing the world as his marketplace, he enjoys remarkable on-line success with 14,000 Facebook “likes” and a 100% response rate. He answered over 5000 TripAdvisor enquiries about Northern Norway and went on-line for bookings three years ago.


I am excited about linking with providers who share my vision of new, year-round tour concepts that combine outdoor activities in Norway’s amazingly pristine environment with outstanding service,” says GuideGunnar.


Part of his success has been through a strong, wide network of fellow operators, recently expanded to involve six independent firms promoting the concept of Genuine Sami Experiences by travel to the Sami people and multicultural activities.


I welcome approaches from like-minded providers who share my realistic ideal of working for and with people, close to nature, where the guests hold centre stage.”

Norwegian Travel Workshop is held in Stavanger 16th - 19th April 2018.

NTW 2018 (In Norwegian)


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