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Gunnar`s Private Guide Service


If you would like to have me as your private guide and the bus for yourself, you can order the tour with this prices: 

  • 1 - 4 guests NOK 15 000
  • 5 - 8 guests NOK 25 000

For group bookings 9-14 guests, please check GuideGunnar`s Aurora Chase >>

It`s a offer for you who are a family, one or more couples, or a small group of friends, and you would like to have me as your own, as a private guide, no one outside your group will participate in your chosen trip.

OBS! Because of EU`s driving regulations, one driver can only be on the road max. 9 hours per day. Then 11 hours rest.

Includes: 400 km per day, gasoline, ferries, warm suit and boots, tripods, snacks, warm drinks, water and GuideGunnar`s Guide Service. 
Extra: Overnight stay, another activites and meals. 

Pickup point Tromsø TOS airport or your accommodation address (Hotels and AirBnb)
Start time Recommended tour start 17.30 - 19.30, please notify your guide of your preferred start time.
Duration Tromsø 5 - 8 hours 
Number of guests 1 - 8 (max. on my new version of the Private Aurora Chase)

Enquire below with your preferred date and start time and number of guests.

Private Aurora Chase includes

  • Pick up from Tromsø airport (TOS) or your accommodation address.
  • GuideGunnar's guide service.
  • Hot meal of your choice from GuideGunnar`s Theatre of Food MENU >>
  • Catering snacks served around the camp fire: Skattøra Lefse; Arctic Norway's traditional and locally made pastry with cream and sweet goat cheese. Served with hot black currant jus.
  • Arctic proof warm boots and thermo suit. Dress to impress the Arctic's sub zero temperatures.
  • Camera tripods.
  • If we catch a good one, I share a GuideGunnar Aurora Chase photographs from your Aurora night with you.
  • A Google Map directions link, showing your Aurora Chase tour route.
  • Return transport to your accommodation, in the city, or back to the airport.
  • GuideGunnar's tours run in a high quality, warm and spacious 14 seater mini bus with on screen introductions to Aurora Borealis en route to the lights.
  • Snowshoes; For a walk out in the wilderness when we have to leave to crowds along the roads (by good snow conditions)
  • Ice Fishing Equipment; When it´s full moon which will lit up the landscape and nearby lake, we will / can do a combo of Ice Fishing and Aurora Chase (from the time the ice on the lakes is safe (medio December to April)


GuideGunnar recommends

Head lamp. White light when you walk out in the terrain, red light when you work with your camera.
Mitten gloves! Please wear mitten gloves (rather than finger gloves) as your fingers will help keep each other warm when together.
Read more about preparing for the cold on GuideGunnar's Clothing and Gears in the Arctic environment page.

When we are out there in the darkness, please keep your head light to yourself to not disturb the night sight for your fellow travellers. No camera flash, please!

Dinner around the camp fire is included

GuideGunnar’s Private tour in Tromsø offers an Autumn Soup hot meal, served by the camp fire.
Autumn Soup is a vegetarian soup of mixed vegetables, served with GuideGunnar’s home made bread. For meat lovers there is the Norwegian delicacy ‘Fenalår’, a dry cured lamb ham which has been part of the Norwegian cuisine for centuries. Fenalår is often compared with prosciutto or jamón curado, only it’s lamb.

For another Dinner option, please check GuideGunnar`s Theatre of Food Menu >>

Good comfort transport

GuideGunnar tours run in a high quality, warm and spacious 14 /16 seater mini bus with with on-screen introductions to Aurora en route to the lights.

Passports for Aurora Chases out of Tromsø

Please bring your passport (or other ID for EU citizens) on the Aurora Chases in Tromsø as weather conditions might see us chase the lights across the border into Finland.


While GuideGunnar's Aurora Chase is a wilderness tour with bathroom facilities that of nature's own, there might be bathroom facilities en route on the Aurora Chase. Please don't hesitate to ask. Need to go before we go? Guides Central has rest room facilities.