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April 2nd


Guests / Country: 3 from USA and Costa Rica.
Weather Tromsø: Cloudy / rain. Destination / weather: Barduelva / Salangen / part clear / clear.
Aurora activity: 5/10. Aurora show: Several bands across, dancing with red and purple colors curtains, curls, spikes.
Tour km: 370. Tour hrs: 8,5.


April 5th



Guests / Country: 3 from Norway and Costa Rica.
Weather Tromsø: Clear. Destination / weather: Grøtfjord / clear.
Aurora activity: 8/10. Aurora show: all over, far south, curtains, curls, an intense show with crazy dancing in 3 colors, corona.
Tour km: 95. Tour hrs: 6,5.


A very special night out for chasing the Northern lights with my two guests from Costa Rica and guide colleague, Marcus.


What really happen on the sky this night..?
Tonight NASA's AZURE mission successfully launched 2 sounding rockets back-to-back from the Andøya Space Center in Norway. They released clouds of glowing tracers into the upper atmosphere (the background green is the real aurora though) to study and track the flow of neutral and charged particles in the ionosphere. Each dot is at a different altitude and notice they migrate at a different speed and direction!


National News, http://tinyurl.com/y469kwes


April 6th



Guests / Country: 10 from USA, Malaysia, Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand.
Weather Tromsø: Cloudy / snow. Destination / weather: Kvalsundet / GuideGunnar`s Camp Aurora / part clear / snow / clear.
Aurora activity: 4/10. Aurora show: A couple of bands on the north sky, curls, spikes.
Tour km: 230. Tour hrs: 7.


April 7th



Guests / Country: 12 from USA, Germany, South Korea, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand.
Weather Tromsø: Clear. Destination / weather: Sommarøy / Ersfjordbotn / clear / cloudy / part clear.
Aurora activity: 6/10. Aurora show: A couple of bands on the north sky, curls, spikes, then couple of bright bands across the sky, 2 colors dancing.
Tour km: 115. Tour hrs: 5.


My 13. Aurora season is over, little earlier than first planned cause lack of bookings...

I really hope more Aurora travels like to explore the most beautiful time of the Aurora season, by visiting at the beginning and ends of the Aurora season.


If you like to join me for Equinox Aurora, the calendar is already open for your bookings!

Please check all tour info and book your chases online, https://guidegunnar.no/a/guidegunnars-equinox-aurora


I have been out for finding clear sky over 1500 nights since 2006, and I am still counting.

At September 4th I begin my 14. Aurora season.


Welcome to Tromsø & Northern Norway!