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September 4th



Guests / Country: 7 from Germany, Australia and China.
Weather Tromsø: Cloudy / rain. Destination / weather: Skibotndalen valley / Finnish border / part clear.
Aurora activity: 4/10. Aurora show: All over, far south, but faint. Curls and spikes.
Tour km: 310. Tour hrs: 8.

Wildlife: 2 foxes and 4 moose.


September 7th - Aurora Chase Dinner for tour operators



Guests / Country: 8 from Norway, Sweden, Finland, China, Germany, France and UK.
Weather Tromsø: Clear. Destination / weather: GuideGunnar`s Camp Aurora / clear.
Aurora activity: 8/10. Aurora show: All over, far south, spikes, curls, curtains anda couple of little dancing in pink and yellow.
Tour km: 85. Tour hrs: 6.


September 8th



Guests / Country: 4 from Norway and Germany.
Weather Tromsø: Cloudy / rain. Destination / weather: Inside Finland +60 km / cloudy / holes in the clouds.
Aurora activity: 2/10. Aurora show: All over, far south, curls...
Tour km: 435. Tour hrs: 9.


"Skyene ble grønne av misunnelse.."


Some nights are more tricky than other... so, we went far east where the only chance for little clear sky could be found...

First we only had a thin high cloud layer and all sky was lit up of the strong Aurora... on the return, she suddenly begin to dance stronger and we could see some of the bands and curls... without a lot of patience we shouldn`t have success this night..;)


September 11th



Guests / Country: 3 from Germany.
Weather Tromsø: Clear. Destination / weather: Grøtfjord / clear.
Aurora activity: 3/10. Aurora show: A short show early in the evening on blue sky together with the glow of the sun; Couple of bands, curls, spikes and little pink / yellow dancing.
Tour km: 90. Tour hrs: 6,5.


NEXT CHASE: Saturday, September 14th!

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