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Theatre of Food

GuideGunnar Theatre of Food with Taste of the Ocean dish, woked on the camp fire

GuideGunnar's Aurora Chase Dinner

GuideGunnar will find a nice location to set up his outdoor kitchen and prepare a dinner for you over open fire. When dinner get served you relax in a chair, taking in the nature while GuideGunnar tell stories about the local history and fairytales of trolls and moose. And, of course, your camera will be nearby, should lady Aurora disturb us just at dinner time.

menu options for GuideGunnar's Private tours 



Taste of the Ocean

Baked fish with herbs, vegetables and fried potatoes
Woked fruit with cream.

Vegetarian Surprise

Filled Aubergine; onion, mushroom, nuts, paprika, cheese.

Kebab Kattfjord

Reindeer meat, salad and traditional norwegian flat bread ‘lefse’.

Beach Relax Fish Fingers

Fish of the day, sliced and fried in butter. Served with mayonnaise and home made bread.

Autumn Soup

A vegetarian soup of mixed vegetables served with home made bread.
For meat lovers: : the Norwegian delicacy ‘Fenalår’, a dry cured lamb ham which has been part of the Norwegian cuisine for centuries.

GuideGunnar`s Theatre of Food on TV World Wide
In January 2010, Clayton Conservani & Globo TV, Brasil, visit GuideGunnar`s kitchen: Sopa de Frutas!
In November 2011 Japaneese TV visit GuideGunnar`s kitchen: GuideGunnar on Japaneese TV!