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The guide making a camp fire

During 27 years in the travel business, including 18 aurora seasons, I have been on my own.

In the autumn of 2023 I trained two new guides who did the 'GG Partners Aurora Chase', but they ended theirs last chase for me at March 27th, 2024.

For the next season, if everything goes my way I will let two new guides do `GuideGunnar`s Aurora Chases` too.
They are both professional guides and passionated photographers.

The Photographer

  • Peter is from Budapest, Hungary.
  • He speaks Hungarian, German, English, and a little Norwegian.
  • He is a profesional photographer and has been working as a guide for many years, including two seasons as an aurora guide for Arctic Explorers in Tromsø (2016-18).
  • Peter`s chase will be named: `GuideGunnar`s Aurora Chase - Peter`

The nomad

  • Micke is from Sorsele, Swedish Lapland.
  • He speaks Swedish, German, English and are passionated of the Arabic culture and language.
  • He has a high interest for photography, and have been working as a guide world wide, also as a Aurora Guide at Abisko Sky Station in Sweden.
  • Micke`s chase will be named: `GuideGunnar`s Aurora Chase - Micke`


  • My own chase chase will be named: `GuideGunnar`s Aurora Chase - Gunnar`
  • If this goes as planned, my final plan for my last years in the travel business (2037) will be complete. Keep your fingers crossed for my final success !


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