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GuideGunnar's Service & Quality

New 17 seats minibus with commercial

GuideGunnar's tours are run in a high-quality, warm, and spacious 17 seats minibus. The minibus also features a screen, where you can watch an introduction to the aurora borealis en route to the Northern Lights.

During your chase for the magical aurora borealis, GuideGunnar finds the spots with the best weather conditions. His diligence and dedication help him find the Northern Lights for his guests at a consistently high rate.

During all of these high-quality chases into the Arctic wilderness, one of Norway’s most innovative and experienced tour guides looks after small groups and provides top service. Educated as a mountain guide, GuideGunnar was one of the first professional guides in Arctic Norway to give global travelers a unique experience under the Northern Lights. GuideGunnar is known for his energy and enthusiasm, generously sharing his profound local knowledge of heritage and the area. In Norway, people also know GuideGunnar from the TVNorge series 'Jakten på Nordlyset,' which means 'Chasing the Northern Lights,' because he played a prominent role throughout ten episodes.

GuideGunnar's Aurora Chase Tromsø also treats guests to traditional Norwegian snacks around the campfire and an on-screen introduction to the physical wizardry and cultural history of the aurora borealis.

What is most important to GuideGunnar is that all guests have the best possible chance to experience what they have come to Northern Norway for: to see Lady Aurora dance across the night skies!

Good, Comfortable Transport

GuideGunnar's tours run in a high-quality, warm and spacious minibus that shows you an introductory video on the aurora borealis while we on on our way to the Northern Lights. I allow a maximum of 8 guests on GuideGunnar's private chases, private dinners, and ice fishing tours so my guests can have even more space and comfort.

Little about clothing

If you travel the Arctic in the autumn and winter, you need to pack lots of warm clothing before you leave!
It's smart to wear long underwear under your trousers, and it's good to have wind- and waterproof trousers and jacket, a hat, scarf and MITTEN gloves. Wearing wool finger gloves inside the mitten gloves is the best.

If you are traveling with young children, be extra careful to make sure they are warm at all times. When it's too cold outside, you should not leave your hotel with the kids! Do you want to find out how to keep your kids warm with the right clothing? Please check this >>

What you Need on GuideGunnar's Snowshoe and Ice Fishing Tours

  • In your backpack: extra fleece or jumper / sweater (warm layer for break), extra socks, extra gloves, water bottle, fruit / snacks, camera
  • On your body: long underwear (wool), wind- and waterproof jacket and trousers, fleece or jumper / sweater, gloves (mitten gloves are best), gaitors, scarves, cap or hat, and sunglasses. The first layer you wear closest to your body should be wool.

Norway spans more types of climate than many first-time visitors realize (coastal/temperate, continental, semi-dry, polar). From South to North, from the lowlands to the highlands, and from the coast to the interior, weather conditions vary considerably. Because of Norway's rugged landscape, its climate differs within short distances. The type of clothes you need to bring depends on what parts of the country you are visiting, the time of year you are traveling, and the kind of activities you will be doing.

During the winter (including late autumn/early spring, which is to say mid-October to early April) conditions vary more. Some parts of the country are in deep winter while other parts may enjoy more pleasant temperatures. For this reason it is difficult to give both precise and general advice for the winter season.

Guests around the camp fire in a frozen mountain landscape


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