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Vi bruker informasjonskapsler (cookies) for å forbedre din brukeropplevelse når du besøker våre nettsider. Det brukes også informasjonskapsler for analyse av trafikk på nettsiden. Denne informasjonen kan ikke spores tilbake til deg som enkeltperson. Du kan selv endre innstillingene i din nettleser slik at informasjonskapsler ikke blir akseptert. Deaktivering av informasjonskapsler kan føre til at nettsiden ikke vil fungere optimalt.

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Insurance, Responsibility, and Cancellation

GuideGunnar's vision is to show people who arrive in Tromsø and Arctic Norway the area's beautiful nature and maritime environment. We make sure that they will bring something special with them when they go home. To achieve this, we have chosen to work with quality instead of quantity...

Aurora Corona - an explotion of Northern Lights like a huge colorful star

Cancellation and Refunds

Cancellation of Day and Night Tours

  • If you cancel 10 days before the tour date, you get a 100% refund, minus the cost of bank transfer fees.
  • If you cancel 5 days before the tour date, you get a 50% refund, minus the cost of bank transfer fees.
  • If you cancel less than 5 days before the tour date, GuideGunnar will not refund any money due to lost income and administration expenses.

If GuideGunnar cancels your tour due to poor weather, difficult driving conditions, illness, or other causes that prevent GuideGunnar from carrying outthe tour, the entire amount you paid will be refunded, minus the cost of bank transfer fees.

In such cases, the tour may be cancelled shortly before the scheduled departure. It is therefore important that guests provide GuideGunnar with their contact information, such as their mobile (cell) phone number and name and address of their accommodations.

GuideGunnar's vision is to show people who arrive in Tromsø and Arctic Norway the area's beautiful nature and maritime environment. We make sure that they will bring something special with them when they go home. To achieve this, we have chosen to work with quality instead of quantity, which is why we do not organize tours with overly large groups. The foundation of this quality is the co-operation between several companies.

The advantage is that guests get more out of the trip and the experience of nature itself, and it is also easier for them to get in contact with the other guests. Those of us who work according to this principle also have more time for each individual guest. GuideGunnar's aim is that guests who come to Tromsø will see the experience of nature itself as the main ingredient in the overall experience. In connection with our tours, we also offer fine culinary experiences, which we refer to as a little 'Theatre of Food.'

Dogsledding in sunset


In order to make sure the tours are safe in both winter and summer, we have chosen to play it safe by following the 1:8 model, among other things. That means that when the number of guests on each outdoor activity exceeds 8 persons, there will be a second guide accompanying the tour. For all events when we will be out in nature skiing, snowshoeing, or hiking, we have set an upper limit of 12 participants.

All of our guides have a passion for outdoor life and considerable experience of outdoor activities and the wild. It is necessary that they all have up-to-date knowledge of first aid and that they are able to handle various situations in different weather conditions. The guides will always bring along the necessary safety equipment.

They are also responsible for making sure that everyone in the group is sufficiently equipped and is fit enough to participate in the events. If the guide believes that someone is not fit enough to participate in a specific trip, it is the guide's full responsibility to deny this person participation.


GuideGunnar is insured through Gjensidige NOR. The insurance covers injuries and damage to people and objects.

Camp fire on the frozen river by mountain Otertind with Northern Lights on the sky

Insurance and Responsibility

GuideGunnar actively works to make sure that the tour will be carried out in the safest way possible. However, the organizer cannot monitor every single step each participant will take. It is therefore essential that each participant be covered by an insurance policy. Parents and other parties who are responsible for children must make sure that everyone in their party is in adequate physical shape to participate in the chosen program. Each participant is obliged to follow the guide's instructions according to the program.

Cancellation Rules for Package Tours

You must cancel the tour no later than 45 days before the first tour date!

Force Majeure

Please note that the landscape around Tromsø and in the whole of Northern Norway is rough, featuring steep mountains and areas exposed to the wind. The weather in Northern Norway can be very harsh, and sometimes these extreme weather conditions comes out of nowhere, such as in the event of polar low pressures. No one can predict where they will hit.

That means the program for day, night, and package tours can be changed due to these conditions.

GuideGunnar has absolutely no control over these conditions but works diligently by planning, as well as keeping an eye on weather and road conditions at all times, to make your experience as safe as possible.

I never cancel a trip due to bad weather, only in the event of dangerous driving conditions.

The program may be changed in the event of unforeseen events, such as road closures caused by landslides, ferries canceled due to wind, and extreme conditions in areas we planned to drive through.

World health issues that the WHO (World Health Organization) publishes are also outside GuideGunnar's control.

Gift card

Gift Card

Dream now - travel later with GuideGunnar chasing the Northern Lights in Tromsø, Norway.

Surprise your partner, family members, or friends with a dream come true when they visit the Land of the Northern Lights - buy a gift card as a present.

It's also a good idea to reserve your seats in advance (especially if you want to join me) and on a specific date, since I am doing fewer chases than before, and many dates are already fully booked.

GuideGunnar's tour calendar lists tours up til April 2024!

How to book a gift card for a friend's Aurora Chase with GuideGunnar:

  • Press the 'Book Now' button below.
  • Enter the name of the gift card recipient, the name of the person whom the gift card is from, the e-mail address you would like to send the gift card to.
  • Write a message to the gift card recipient.
  • Choose the date for when you would like to send the gift card. This is the date from which the card is valid (preset with today's date).
  • Press 'Continue' to continue to payment, and your gift card wil be on its way to the recipient on the date you have selected.

GuideGunnar gift cards are valid for 1.5 years from the date of issue.
Please note: GuideGunnar gift card vouchers are available only for the regular GuideGunnar's Aurora Chase Tromsø.


Please don't hesitate to ask. I'm only an e-mail away:


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