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News & Media

GuideGunnar welcomes travel writers to share their experiences in Arctic Norway.

"Half an hour later, Gunnar pulls into a siding. He flicks on the interior light over the driver's seat. Thirteen silent faces look at him. We're in the middle of nowhere, the van's windows have fogged up, and he turns to us in his furry hat. It's all a bit surreal, and I have goosebumps. 

But, then Gunnar begins what he does best. He talks. He shows us a map and begins to explain about the solar winds, the magnetic North Pole, about collisions and exploding light. We're off like storm chasers across the frozen landscape. Gunnar cites Norse mythology: 'If you whistle or wave at the lights, the spirits will take you away,' he says."

- by Marian McGuinness, The Sydney Morning Herald.

Jakten på nordlyset / Chasing the Northern Lights TV

Team Chasing the Northern Lights; A reindeer, sami people and activity providers

Discovery Networks Norway launches one of its most spectacular TV-series, 'Chasing the Northern Lights,' on TVNorge and Dplay January 2nd, 2018.

Set in Tromsø, Norway, the TV-series is an extraordinary journey into the land of the Northern Lights, featuring not only the Aurora, but also dog sledding, whale safaris, reindeer and, of course, guests from all over the world.

GuideGunnar features in the series as the Northern Lights guide. 'Chasing the Northern Lights' TV-series allows a rare view into the life of GuideGunnar and fellow activity providers both at work and at home in Norway, Arctic Europe.

In 'Chasing the Northern Lights' we meet dedicated people who are truly passionate about their work. These are people with drive, engagement and enthusiasm. It is exciting to follow them in their everyday life says Sverry Nordbø, Discovery Networks Norway.

Chasing the Northern Lights is produced by Alfred Film & TV for TVNorge.

GuideGunnar and Alfred Film og TV CEO Silje Bürgin-Borch are available for interviews.
Please contact Bürgin-Borch, +47 9543 0635,


'Chasing the Northern Lights' sold to Germany

The TVNorge series 'Jakten på nordlyset' ('Chasing the Northern Lights') has been sold to Germany. The German broadcasting company NDR bought 'Jakten på nordlyset,' and it will also run on ARD, one of Germany's largest public broadcasters. The program will also air in Switzerland and Austria.

Northern Lights boom
The focus of the series is the boom of Northern Lights tourism in Tromsø. Viewers will get acquainted with some local operators who do everything within their power to please demanding tourists from around the world. Tromsø's winter tourism has really taken off lately, with a turnover of over half a billion kroner in recent years. Tromsø has experienced a huge boom in recent years, with foreign tourists leaving behind NOK 1.6 billion (GBP 150 million) last year.

Guide to Magic of Northern Lights Nominated for Top Global Award

He is called GuideGunnar, and for 12 years he has been taking visitors to one of the earth's most enchanting sights, the Northern Lights.

Now, this much-loved, down-to-earth guide is in a select group of nominees for a Luxury Travel Guide award.

Gunnar Hildonen, to give his full name, is in the running to win the 2018 Luxury Travel Guide’s Holiday and Tour Specialist awards. Nominations come from companies and individuals across Europe, and voting is performed by subscribers, hotel guests, travel agencies and industry experts worldwide.

His excitement and passion for his job are contagious as he describes once seeing the lights as an "amazing crazy corona, with intense rock'n'roll dancing all over, with four to five colours."

Media Log

Journalists, travel writers and bloggers seek out GuideGunnar to share their experiences from Arctic Norway


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