August 29th



Guests / Country: Just out for myself..;)
Weather Tromsø: Clear. Destination / weather: GuideGunnar`s Camp Aurora / clear.
Aurora activity: 3/10. Aurora show: Couple of spikes and curls.
Tour km: 0. Tour hrs: 1.


August 30th



Guests / Country: Just out for my self..;)
Weather Tromsø: Clear. Destination / weather: Skulgammen / clear.
Aurora activity: 8/10. Aurora show: All over, far south, curtains, curls, an intense show with crazy dancing in 3 colors, corona.
Tour km: 30. Tour hrs: 2.


What a great start of my 14. Aurora season... haven`t begin the season yet, but you know; I am addicted to my job, so I couldn`t sit home when this great show was forecasted..;) But, it`s pity, the clouds came in later on Friday evening and destroyed rest of the weekend when the solar speed was around 700 km/s, so we missed great show on Staurday and Sunday...


So, you didn`t knew that you could see the Northern lights as early as August..;)

You know, as long the sun heating up your face home there`s activity on the sun so you can get warm of the sun... so, as long that happen then we have Northern lights here in the north... but, from mid-April to mid-August we have daylight 24/7 and Midnight Sun from May to July, so then we can`t see her dance...


But, as long we have little darkness, then you can travel to the Arctic for let your dream come through..;)


So, what time is the best, and what time can you travel... yeah, that`s all up to you...

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