Arctic Excursions

Multi day trips where we go deeper into the Arctic Norway, led by GuideGunnar's eye for quality. With your dreams and wishes in combo with my experience and knowledge we can together make your life experience...


Two guests on Reindeer sledging in snowy landscape

Private Aurora Winter 5 days / 4 nights

Join me for a 4 nights / 5 days package tour in Tromsø District including a visit to Lyngen Alps and the Magic island of Senja.
Please check the availability in my calandar and choose your time of travel.


  • Private Package for 2 guests: NOK 42 595 per guest
  • Private package for 4 guests: NOK 28 750 per guest
  • Private Package for 6 guests: NOK 28 250 per guest
  • Private Package for 8 guests: NOK 23 950 per guest
  • Single guest (2+1): NOK 32 200


  • 5 days / 4 nights package (more nights can be added)
  • Accommodation in double room; 2 nights in sea house in Lyngen and 2 nights in a private apartment in Senja.
  • Activities; Dogsledding, visit Aurora Spirit Distillery, visit to Polar Park and Sightsee Senja Highlights.
  • 4 nights of Aurora View / Aurora Chase
  • 5 days of sightseeing / guiding by GuideGunnar
  • 5 days of transport, airport transfer and ferry in Lyngen Alps and Senja.
  • All meals
ADDS ON Activities

NOK 4 375 per guest for Whale Watching in Cabin Cruiser (outdoor watch / warm cabin) (November - January)
NOK 2 450 per guest for Whale Watching in RIB Zodiac (outdoor watch / open boat) (November - January)
NOK 2 000 per guest for Sami Experience & Reindeer sledge
NOK 3 750 per guest for Wolf Kiss

Adds ON; Alcohol beverages + flights

Northern Lights over viewing point Bergsbotn, Senja Highlights

Make your own package

With experience and in-depth knowledge of Northern Norway, GuideGunnar seeks out the best on offer for his package tours. Join GuideGunnar for menu of activities like cross country skiing, Sámi culture, dog sledding, sauna and outdoor hot tub baths, snowshoe night walk, ice fishing and Polar Park; the world's northernmost wild life park. All wrapped up with the best in food and accommodation.

With your dreams and wishes in combo with my experience and knowledge we can together make your life experience...
Please let me tailor-made a Arctic Excursions package for you! by sending me an request, Email me >>

  • How many guests are you ?
  • What time of the year do you like to visit ?
  • What`s your date for a package ?
  • Which area of Northern Norway do you like to explore ?
  • Which activities do you like to include ?
  • What kind of accommodation do you like ?
  • What kind of food do you like to taste ?
  • Package price from: NOK 23 950 per guest (for group on 8 guests)
    (the price level depends on how many activities and nights you choose)
  • Pickup from: Your hotel or airport
  • Number of guests: 2 - 8
  • Max. 4 guests with me as your private chef in two days (Senja)
  • Choose between 4 - 9 nights for my Arctic Excursions packages

GuideGunnar's Private Arctic Excursions packages in Northern Norway, and the Sami District of Finnmark.

Package combo - Travel area and airports!
Number of guests on GuideGunnar`s Arctic Excursions is min. 2 / max. 8.

Private Package 1: GuideGunnar`s Activites

- Tromsø District (airport: Tromsø)
- 5 nights at Tromsø hotels (your choice)
- Ice Fishing & Snowshoe, Snowshoe Nightwalk, Aurora Chase Dinner and Northern Lights Chase
- Museums in Tromsø and the cable car visit

Private Package 2: Aurora Five

- Tromsø District and within our 250 km driving range of chasing (airport: Tromsø)
- 5 nights on GuideGunnar`s Aurora Chase (pay for only 4)
- 5 nights at Tromsø hotels (your choice)
- Northern Lights

Private Package 3: Aurora Winter

- Tromsø, Lyngen Alps and Senja (airport: Tromsø)
- 5 nights in hotel, sea house and private apartment
- Sami Experience with Rein Raid, Whale Watching, Dogsledding and Northern Lights
- Visit Aurora Spirit distillery and Lyngen Alps & Senja Highlights

Private Package 4: Into the Sami District of Finnmark

- Tromsø, Alta and Kautokeino (airport: Tromsø)
- 7 nights in hotel, heated Sami tent, the Ice hotel and a Mountain Lodge
- Sami Experience with Rein Race, Dogsledding and Northern Lights

Private Package 5: Into the Cod District

- Lofoten and Vesterålen (airport: Evenes)
- 6 or 9 nights in hotel and sea house
- Sightseeing, Photographs (+workshop) and Northern Lights


Ice Fishing and a catch of a trout

GuideGunnar's Back to Nature activities

Activties you can add to your program without any extra cost:

  • Ice Fishing & Snowshoeing
  • Snowshoe Night Walk
  • Fjords View Excursion

Adds ON activities

  • Crosscountry Skiing NOK 1500 per guest
  • Dogsledding NOK 1850 per guest
  • Sami Experience & Reindeer sledge NOK 2 000 per guest
  • Snowmobile NOK 2250 per guest
  • Wolf Kiss NOK 3000 per guest
  • Ice Fishing by snowmobile NOK 2450 per guest (in Alta)
  • King Crab Experience NOK 2250 per guest (in Alta and Kirkenes)
  • Whale watching NOK 1850 per guest (November to January)
  • Sea Excursions; Smaller boats, Sailing, fishing and RIB boats NOK 2250 per guest
  • City tour of Tromsø (2 museums & the cable car, plus lunch) NOK 950

Adds ON meals

  • Theatre of Food NOK 450
  • Lunch NOK 350

Adds ON accommodation

  • Ice (in Alta) or Snow hotel (in Kirkenes) +NOK 2000 per double room
  • Glas cabins (Lyngen) +NOK 2000 per double room / night (min. 3 nights)

Ice hotel Alta, the hall of bedrooms, Ice mushroom decoration

Insurance, responsibility and cancellations

Please check and read carefully >>

Appropriate clothing and gears in Northern Norway

Please check and read carefully >>


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