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Back to Nature!

GuideGunnar's Back to Nature tours runs all year ... The Blue Lake hike from June to September, Midnight Sun Dinner in June and July, Snowshoe Nightwalk from snowfall, medio October to April and Ice Fishing tours from February to April.

The Blue Lake hike - Lyngen Alps

The blue lake in autumn colors and a rocky landscape

Time of year: June - September
Hike / walk, dinner and sightseeing.

Join GuideGunnar for an road trip in the Lyngen Alps, where I will give you an sightseeing tour all around the peaks of Lyngen Alps, including a hike to the bluest lake in the world, where I will be your guide, of course ...

"First time I saw pics of it, it was blue yes, but when I first arrived there by my own I understood how blue it really was"

So, therefore I like to bring you with me on this lovely whole day trip for show you this lovely area in my neighborhood area of Tromsø.

  • Price per guest: NOK 1,650
  • Pick-up point: Magic Ice Bar, street address Kaigata 4; Google View location >>
  • Departure time: 08.30 / 8.30 am
  • Duration: +8 hours (depends on hiking time and return ferry)
  • Incl. transport, guided hike, sightsee drive and guide service.
  • Number of guests: 2 - 8
  • Level of difficult: Medium / `Hard` (cause the rocky path)
  • NB! For the Blue Lake hike you need to have sturdy hiking boots for keep your legs safe.
  • Sneakers and jeans are not permitted!
  • NB! Please make your own lunch bag from the AirBnb and hotel breakfast, and bring a bottle of water.

Midnight Sun Dinner
A fresh meal on open fire

Time of year: June & July
Beach relax where the sun never sets

While you`re relaxing on the beach, I will make a meal of fish over open fire for you.

  • Price per guest: NOK 1,850 per guest
  • Pick-up point: Magic Ice Bar, street address Kaigata 4; Google View location >>
  • Departure time: 22.00 / 10 pm
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Incl. transport, guided sightseeing, a meal of fish as a late dinner, while you relax on the beach. Return drive to your accommodation in the city.
  • Number of guests: 2 - 8
  • Level of difficult: Easy.

Ice Fishing & Snowshoe
A guy with a trout and ice fishing gear

Follow GuideGunnar to the island Ringvassøya, where he will equip you with a thermo suit and good boots for a little walk in the snow. You will walk up to a beautiful lake in the midst of the Arctic wilderness. You will receive fishing gear, learn how to use it, and find out how to clean your catch. Try your luck while you take in the gorgeous landscape around you. GuideGunnar will prepare a hot meal on the frozen lake while you are out on the ice.

  • Price per guest: NOK 1,950
  • Pick-up point: Magic Ice Bar, street address Kaigata 4; Google View location >>
  • Departure time: 09.00
  • Duration: 5 - 8 hours, incl. transport and lunch
  • The duration depends on how long you want to be out in the cold, the weather, how many fish you catch, and how much you enjoy simply being out in the lovely wilderness.
  • Number of guests: 2 - 8
  • Level of difficult: medium / easy

GuideGunnar's Ice Fishing tour includes

  • Pick-up from Magic Ice Bar
  • All the equipment you need: ice fishing gear, snowshoes and walking sticks, thermo suits, and warm boots
  • Hot drinks outdoors
  • Lunch, Ice Fishing tours - hopefully a freshly caught fish served on the frozen lake! (A reserve meal will always be at hand)
  • GuideGunnar's guide service
  • Return transport to your accommodations in the city

Please Note - Conditions of the Tour

  • Age limit: 15-75 years
  • Due to safety concerns, this tour is limited to guests aged 15 and older, as temperatures on the lakes can drop to minus -20 degrees Celcius / -4 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Only adult-size thermo suits (XS and larger) and warm boots (EU size 36 and larger) are included in GuideGunnar's tours.
  • Sneakers and jeans are not permitted on GuideGunnar's Ice Fishing Tours!

Backpack & Clothing Advice

  • For your backpack: Pack an extra fleece or jumper / sweater, extra socks, extra gloves, and a bottle of water. Remember a warm jacket for the break!
  • What to wear: long underwear (merino wool), wind- and waterproof jacket and pants, fleece or jumper / sweater, gloves (mitten gloves are best), gaiters, scarves, a knit hat covering your ears, and UV sunglasses
  • Layering is king! Your first layer of clothing, closest to your body, should be wool.
  • Mitten gloves are best! They keep your fingers warm when you take pictures, so wear finger gloves of wool under and mittens on top.


Insurance, Responsibility, and Cancellations

Please check and read carefully >>

Appropriate Clothing and Gear in Northern Norway

Little about clothing >>


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